creative media producer

DVD functionality gives the user the ability to drive content on their dvd player - it's most useful in games like "SceneIt", and similar to the user experience on the web.

Recently I was contracted to produce 3 dvd games for classic game show franchises. The experience taught me to think about content in a different way - allowing the user to guide the experience. I've also included a dvd I made for a post house in CO. Think about how interactive media can add value to your marketing message.


Title: "The Newlywed Game"
Client: Endless Games / Freemantle Media
Production Company: Giant Interactive
Role: Concept, Script, Produce, Edit, Direct

It was an honor and a challenge to adapt one of the iconic game shows in tv history to the interactive medium. Figuring out how to bring the tv experience to the home was difficult; so was knowing we could never show Bob Eubank's face.

We decided to let home couples actually play along with a couple from a classic Episode. The game records the score, and players get to answer all the questions you would have seen on TV in 1977. Plaid suits and beehives are optional but encouraged.