creative media producer

DVD functionality gives the user the ability to drive content on their dvd player - it's most useful in games like "SceneIt", and similar to the user experience on the web.

Recently I was contracted to produce 3 dvd games for classic game show franchises. The experience taught me to think about content in a different way - allowing the user to guide the experience. I've also included a dvd I made for a post house in CO. Think about how interactive media can add value to your marketing message.


Title: 42 Demo DVD
Client: 42 Productions
Production Company: direct
Role: Concept, Script, Produce

42 Productions is a production and post facility in Boulder, CO. They were completing a major expansion of their facility and wanted a dvd to showcase their many capabilities - something slick, high-end, and user-navigable.

We incorporated an elegant interface and seamless transitions to drive the user to more than 15 separate demos and video pieces. The dvd style matched 42's high-end production focus and all were pleased.