creative media producer

DVD functionality gives the user the ability to drive content on their dvd player - it's most useful in games like "SceneIt", and similar to the user experience on the web.

Recently I was contracted to produce 3 dvd games for classic game show franchises. The experience taught me to think about content in a different way - allowing the user to guide the experience. I've also included a dvd I made for a post house in CO. Think about how interactive media can add value to your marketing message.


Title: "Password"
Client: Endless Games / Freemantle Media
Production Company: Giant Interactive
Role: Concept, Script, Produce, Edit, Direct

The challenge in making a dvd game from Password came not in the game play, but in the creation of "special 3d glasses" that enabled one viewer to see a word on the screen while the rest of the room could not (just like the board game version).

We succeeded, and the game plays much like the Password of your childhood. Instead of begging Allen Ludden's widow to use his image we developed a virtual host to guide the action - Charmin' Chuck Harmon. All of these games are in stores now...

movie file coming soon