creative media producer

So what do you do Brian?

I do a lot of things involved in producing media for people.

I'm a broadcast television producer for one, and a lot of what I produce ends up on the web. I've made interactive DVD games, helped people put together their websites, and written copy for print. Most of what I produce I also write and conceptualize. In fact, I'm writing this right now.

Very funny. So what do you really do?

In Denver, a media producer does a lot of things.

On many jobs I act as producer, director, writer and post supervisor - a one-stop-shop. When the budget calls for it I hire creative directors, location scouts, production managers, the works. It all depends on the scope of the project and the budget.

Specifically, I meet with clients and try to determine what they want. I talk with them, educate them and brainstorm, because they often don't know what's possible for their money. Then I explain what things really cost, which occasionally elicits a look of dread. If that look does not appear I try to get more money out of them.

Then I come up with a concept of what I'd like to produce. I research and show examples of similar work, create a budget, and negotiate. I put together storyboards, conduct casting sessions, find locations, book crews, choose wardrobe, and make it rain. I'm responsible for every decision that gets made, every penny that's spent.

One more thing: I try to involve my clients in every creative decision, while at the same time allowing the creative people I hire to bring their ideas to the table. I often like to push the envelope in the creative - I appreciate it when a client is open to the road less traveled because I think it pays off in the long run.

Wow - you sound good. What have you done?

I've done a lot of stuff in my 14 years of work. I've produced a live national television show for the Democratic National Convention, been a part of the launch of a major broadcast service (XM Satellite Radio), written screenplays, and directed commercials for nonprofits. I'd like to think my experience has left me flexible, creative, and able to relate to any type of media project - but we all say that.

Check out the full examples of my work on the following pages. You should get a good idea of the range of the styles I've produced. Some are big expensive shows, some are small labors of love.

OK, enough about you. What can you do for me?

As I said on my home page, I can make you look good. I can help you streamline your message, introduce you to the latest graphic styles, make you look more attractive and intelligent than your competitors. I've been in this business long enough to know that everyone can afford to put their message on video. And in the age of YouTube, it's a must.

  • If you're a production company I'd like to work with you.
  • If you're an ad agency I'd love to take a meeting and see if we're a fit.
  • If you're a company or individual looking for a tv commercial, sales, marketing or training video, I'd be happy to meet with you and see if I can be of help.

Creative staff job? I'm listening ... I got mouths to feed.

Where's my phone - I'm calling you now. You sound professional and fun to work with.

Why thank you very much - I appreciate your interest. It's very important for me to make you look good and feel like the process of creating media is fun. I'm professional but I'm not a screamer - because in the end this is not rocket surgery. It's sales. And it's life, which as we all know, is short.

So let's make some media! And hey - let's have some fun out there!

Let's DO IT! AAAHHHH!!! (everyone runs out of boardroom, papers flying)