creative media producer

DVD functionality gives the user the ability to drive content on their dvd player - it's most useful in games like "SceneIt", and similar to the user experience on the web.

Recently I was contracted to produce 3 dvd games for classic game show franchises. The experience taught me to think about content in a different way - allowing the user to guide the experience. I've also included a dvd I made for a post house in CO. Think about how interactive media can add value to your marketing message.


Title: "Match Game"
Client: Endless Games / Freemantle Media
Production Company: Giant Interactive
Role: Concept, Script, Produce, Edit, Direct

Another blast from the past. One of the ugliest shows in TV history was a bigger challenge to dvd-ify - we weren't allowed to show any celebrities (thanks for nothin' Richard Dawson)... and all that orange and aqua!

No fear - we ended up going with a heavily graphic approach and relying on the audio from the shows, which is really quite amusing. I learned coding, programming, compression and flowcharting to make these games - so I got that going for me.

movie file coming soon